• Do you have a DREAM to be owner business ?
  • Are you BORED an office-working now ?
  • Do you hate to be controlled by employer and you cannot use your CREATIVITY ?


Entrepreneur is an answer !

In this century, it is time for new generation who want to be an entrepreneur like you, right?

According to Williams (2015), he claims that there are continuously increasing of start-up businesses in the UK from 484,224 recorded in 2012 to 581,173 recorded in 2014.


Figure1: show the record of the UK start-up businesses
which register at Companies House in 2014

The first question for starter is “I don’t have a lot of money, how will I create a effective marketing campaign as big companies?”

I proud to present “GUERRILLA MARKETING

Conrad (2006) asserts that

Guerrilla Marketing is a form of marketing that uses creativity, effort, energy and time with a low (even no) marketing budget. The key objective of Guerrilla Marketing is to develop a relationship with potential clients, and consistently communicating with them.

Guerrilla Marketing is a chance to start a small business because it use a low cost and the key point of this method is to communicate with your customers and make them to be impressive with your creative work.

Let me show you of marvellous examples.

1. i’m lovin’ it crosswalk


2. WWF save the paper, save the planet


3. AXE -running


4. Have a break, Have a KitKat.


5. FedEx is always faster than DHL.


Do you have any creative IDEA ?

If not, watch more one video of example.

The happiness Coca-Cola seller machine.

What did you see ?


  • FUN


Yeah.. That is why Guerrilla Marketing has an effectiveness. Marketers can send the massages of their company, to PR new product, to communicate value preposition of company, to engage with their customers, etc. Then, customers received their messages, they felt have fun, attractiveness, realise and understand what messages mean, and have a engagement that lead to memorise the products or brands and buy it finally.

You are interested in this approach now, aren’t you?

So, next question is “How to create the successful guerrilla marketing campaign ?

  1. Remember that Guerrilla marketing is NOT traditional advertising.
    – Forget the old traditional media such as TV, Magazine. You have to spend a lot of money while it is not worth for investment, particularly it has not an engagement.
  2.  Think clearly what your message sending to your customer is.
    – If you don’t know what you want to say, you will not know what you want to do. Then, your customers will also not understand your campaign.
  3. Focus on building a customer relationship.
    – Do you remember the key role of guerrilla marketing ? It is to build a relationship with customers. Then they will think of your products and follow your brand. So, sending the message to their mind and heart.
  4. Think big and small, then DO IT.
    – Don’t limit your idea, think of it in many ways and do it to be reality. Every idea is useless if you don’t start to do it!

Last question is now you know the tool to help you success in your business, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?  MAKING YOUR DREAM IN REALITY NOW!


Reference [Figures]

Reference [Videos]


13 thoughts on “YOUR DREAM IS COMING TRUE!

  1. The main point of a guerrilla marketing campaign is to attract more attention to go viral, without spending a lot of money, it may sound good for small business marketing strategies.

    However, I think Guerilla Marketing need a very creative campaign and requires a lot of energy than traditional advertising. It is not easy. How do you know your campaign will be successful and can go viral in that afternoon or will be on television news next morning as you want. I think to make this kind of marketing success, your brand has to have strong image or characteristics enough that consumer can link this campaign to your brand.

    From your example, most of the brands you selected are the famous brand, for instance, Kit-Kat, I think many people know the appearance of the Kit-kat chocolate bar inside the package, and the brand motto ‘ Have a Break, Have a Kit-Kat’, so they can mix between the bench chair that is a symbol of taking a break and appearance of Kit-kat together to create this campaign. This kind of ad can be called ‘ambient advertising’. You can find from google.

    There are some companies use this kind of marketing to defame and discredit other competitors. For example, creating a bad rumor about a bad experience after using their products or find something contaminate in their product. It is sometimes an unfair competition. This makes customer have a bad attitude toward your brand.

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    1. The advantage of guerrilla marketing is to spend less money, but one of the problem is you can’t know your campaign will bb able to attract audience or not. Its like a coca-cola machine, I am not sure what happened in fact.Might it is only video to PR.

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    2. It is true that these examples are all from already well known brands. However, as you said that Guerrilla marketing does not require a lot of money to do, I think that any company can also be recognize by this strategy because what you need is the creativity! So if your campaign is amazing and unique enough, people will remember your brand and share their experience to their friends.


  2. This is a very fun article to read . From your choices, I would pick ” it’s FUN”. Doing guerrilla marketing can help company express their creativity and engagement for the customers or at least they remember the brand and repurchase the next time. However, do you think that it is really possible for the start-up company to apply this though? Guerrilla strategy would definitely be noticed immediately just by the big brand such as Nike or Coca Cola. But if you didn’t exist before, will they still be noticed by the brand? Or people just notice the event?

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  3. The first three questions that you ask the readers, made me feel like reading some article in magazine. It sounds interesting for everyone including me of course because I’m the one who runs my own business too. Guerrilla Marketing is very good in term of low budget can do the business and promote by viral on online media. Also, creativity is very crucial to do so. I think this is the heart of this strategy. If the owner say never mind to do, go ahead!
    Personally, I think that companies do this strategy for make something new to consumers, more engagement, and more awareness.
    But I have questions to ask, why the company that you choose to be an example are all global brand? Does it is really easy for small business to do so?

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  4. For me, this marketing is really cool!!
    Cannot believe that it is not expensive.

    Guerrilla Marketing can exactly grab people’s attention. As it’s an interesting marketing as well as creativity so many people like to share them on a social media. By doing this, it can spread faster to the digital world. People will remember this strategy as it is very impressive them. I really like a strategy that coca-cola use.


  5. Thanks for sharing each company guerrilla marketing campaigns. It was fun and boost up of thought to see how creative they were.

    I totally agree with you that entrepreneurs need to have clear messages what they want to communicate with customers otherwise the campaigns will be useless and waste of efforts.

    However, what i noticed from your samples is that all the companies you mentioned use guerrilla marketing in order to “remind” customers on companies’ brands. In other word, they are well-known companies which customers realize who they are since the first saw.

    By the way, I believe guerrilla could still work for small businesses in term of introducing brand to customers. They need to be “real creative” to get customers impression and become top of mind product when talking about this category.


  6. BoomSudarat

    I was very encouraged to find this site. I wanted to thank you for taking the time and sharing this information.

    This is a great post. I never even thought of promoting in some of these ways. This post have some really unique tips. It was indeed very helpful and insightful while being straight forward and to the point. It gave me an sense creativity ideas to elaborate more on what I have.

    Thanks again ;))


  7. Boonyaporn

    I found this blog very useful because i have never heard about guerrilla marketing before.
    Do you think that using guerrilla marketing is effective ways for company in long term business ?


  8. Penny

    Yeah! It is a useful and cheap tool in the globalization. Well, almost companies use this method, creativity is necessary to compete with others. I like to see how much they beat to each other.


  9. Thanamart

    Thanks for sharing your useful knowledge. I am interested in Guerrilla marketing because it’s quite important for entrepreneurs or small business to attract customers to recognize their brand and it can lead to increasing brand awareness and reputation. However, doing this strategy needs to be creative and attractive as much as you can.


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