I am studying in the Marketing in the 21st century class at University of Southampton. One of assignments is I have to write 5 blog posts.


OMG! What!? He is kidding me? That was my first thought because I had never written blogs before. But I didn’t want to bias and think too much, so I tried to read others’ blogs to learn how to write it and searched more about blogs, then I wrote it.

Now I wrote finish 4 blog posts already and this is my last blog (in my life). Thus, I would like to share my opinions.

  1. Why is the assignment to write a blog? I think it is limited students idea. This course is Marketing in the 21st century. There are a number of Marketing methods via online platforms such as social medias, blogs, microblogs, websites. Why don’t lecturer open a chance for choosing with our creativity?
  2. Is the blog still effective in this age? As there exist many of online tools, especially social media. Consumers’ behaviour has changed from getting information or communicating on companies’ websites and blogs to social network platform such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter which there are more traffic than. One problem is users approach the blog (which they want) harder because information is overload on Internet. Everyone can register and create his/her blog easily. So, if the lecture would like us to use the blog for communicating, he should teach or guild us how to make your traffic. I knew that content must be interesting but just content is not enough. Anyway, I realise that many companies still have a website and bloggers also have their blogs, however they moved to created Facebook fan page to be a channel to communicate directly with their audiences and to PR their blogs or websites.
  3. Blog is limited. As can be seen, blog platform uses the Freemium model that is you can use a basic function for free if you want to get more function or full you must pay for them with under condition. That makes sense for start-up and growth period of business life cycle while it doesn’t good strategy now. Besides, the basic function has some problems. Fro instant, I inserted two pictures in the centre but the lay out can’t response my mind. One of them was arranged in the centre and the one was arranged in the right side in below line. Obviously, we cannot design the layout to be gorgeous much as we need.
  4. The content is too long. In new generation, they don’t want to read whole articles or long articles because they are many information in digital world.  Molesworth, M (2015) said in our class that “500 words is too long for reading. Audiences don’t read it.” But I don’t understand why we have to write blogs, not microblog or online status on Facebook or note in LinkedIn. Does it make sense?

I think the world has changed dramatically now, the modules and assignments in all universities should keep being up-to-date.


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MOOC MOOC MOOC: Stop! saying that!


Now I am studying in the module namely, marketing in the 21st century at University of Southampton, then I got the online lesson for 3 weeks via https://www.futurelearn.com

Let me introduce MOOC in brief, MOOC or Massive Open Online Courses is an online classroom that everyone can register and study all courses for FREE!

MOOC’s courses have a lot of categories such as business, arts, culture, sport, science etc. When you study finish course, you will get a certificate.

In additional, the lectures, who recorded their videos, are the professor from many universities in worldwide.

Some platform of MOOC have not English only, but other languages also like Chinese, Spain, Hindi, others. So, it leads to students are easier to study and understand the subjects.

Yeah! It’s AWESOME, right?

In my view, I would like to say NO!


But I will talk only about MOOC in https://www.futurelearn.com, especially DIGITAL MARKETING course which I had joined in.

According to EDUCAUSE (2013, cited in Plocka 2015), more than 90% of students stop learning before completing the course as the online course is not  compulsory course. If they stop it, there is nothing happen. I think the reasons why learners decide to stop the studying as…

  1. The content is boring. In digital age, there are a load of information or knowledge in online. You can access them easily. You can know what you want to know, just a few second with million results via search engine. Thus, if content of MOOC is not useful or too general or cannot grab an audiences’ attention, they will leave it instantly, even though the lecture is a professor from top university.
  2. Waiting time for new content. MOOC learning style is like a traditional classroom that is you have to study only 1 session per week. You cannot watch the next session when you are finish first one until next week. People don’t like waiting time. If they are interested in something, they will focus on it and do it. But if they have to wait a long time, they will be bored and don’t want to learn it anymore.
  3. Discussion. Some topics, lectures will leave only questions and give chance to learners to discuss or share ideas. It’s good concept but it failed. There are not many people enough to be willing to share or discuss. And you have to wait others’ comment which you don’t know when they will write it. Sometimes I ask the question or argue with others’ comment but no one answers me. So, what do you learn from discussion?

I think the three reasons are the main which learners leave the course before completing.

Anyway, I don’t think I have a bias because I got several negative feedbacks. I hope MOOC have been developed soon as MOOC is an important tool to reduce educational gap in society.



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BEHIND THE SCENES: The Lesson from No.1

Ads is the important tool to communicate with customers, thus they will know what the value preposition of product and company which leads to sale, brand image, brand awakens, etc. If the ads is able to impact with customers, they will share on social media and be a viral in the digital era.


How do you feel after watch these ? [leave the comment below please]

These two are a viral ads. Especially, the second one won a Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival Palme d’Or in 2014.

Do you know the ads were produced by top film director of the world?

He is …


Thanonchai Sornsriwichai (Tor)

[From Thailand]

The Gunn Report asserts that “he is the most awarded director in the world [and got awards for 6 years from the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival Palme d’Or ]”

I have studied about his life, then analyse and synthesis to be 3 parts.

How can he make the successful ads and be a top film director of the world ?

  1. Don’t think of money or award while working. -focus on your work only.
  2. If you don’t love your work, don’t do it. -because you have not a passion to do it well.
  3. Persevere -when you work hard you will concern all of detail, then your work will not be good, but it will be great.
  4. Review -when you work finish, you must review your work. It is good enough or not? and how do others think?
  5. Accept all feedback -when you got positive feedback one time, don’t think you are clever, practice more. When you got negative feedback, don’t think too much, bring it to improve yourself . Practice makes you perfect.

How does he think of the concept when he work?

He didn’t want to make ads which is hard sale to consumers because they will feel uncomfortable and don’t like your ads and product in final [like force them to buy it]. Yeah, he wants to sell the product, but he always thinks of consumers first. If he were a consumer, what he wants to watch, what he wants to feel. And If he thinks that the concept which he will make, consumers can guess the story, he will change. Example, if they expected that the end is happy, he would make a sad ending. As they cannot expect that is why consumers have an engagement.

What is the toughest obstacle in your life?

First step, which he started this career path, is the hardest. Because he has not the production or film knowledge. So, he had to study hard by himself about film, light, technique and others but it was not enough yet. When he pitched the project, customer told him that he didn’t know about business. Afterward, he have studied a lot of issues such as business, human behaviour, psychology, history etc. Therefore, he applied and integrated many knowledges in his ads that leads to his ads become successful.

Finally, it does not matter what you learn from him if you do not apply with your life.


Others videos by Thanonchai Sornsriwichai (Tor)


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  • Have you ever bought clothes, even you have a lot of them in your wardrobe?
  • Have you ever bought books, even you have a load of books which you have not read yet?
  • Have you ever bought goods outside your plan while you are in store?
  • Have you ever bought something which you don’t need to use?

If the answer is YES!, don’t be surprise, don’t be serious. It’s because of your EMOTIONS.

Even you have a good logic and consider what you really need to buy, but sometime your logic cannot overcome your EMOTIONS.

  • You don’t want to eat or feel queasy while you saw blue-colour food, do you?Does this blue chicken make you queasy? Scientists say there might be an evolutionary reason for that.
  • Do you feel happy while you smell coffee?foods_bad_for_skin_1_1360992549_1364751637_540x540
  • Do you know which brand of these products?


[Yes! It’s Coca-Cola.]

The behaviours-(you feel queasy with blued food, you feel happy in coffee shop, and you can remember the Coke’s products), have not only happened with you, but others also. Thus, marketers have studied these emotional behaviours and applied with marketing, then they called “SENSORY MARKETING” (S. Adam Brasel et. al 2014, cited in Harvard Business Review 2015. and Lindström, M. 2009)

Lindström, M. (2009, cited in Diaz 2013), who is a specialise researcher of sensory marketing and the author of Buyolgy, believes that in order for your brand to be successful you must incorporate every sense and treat them as equals. The purpose of this equal incorporation is to design your brand to be recognisable if you deleted one or more senses.
The five sensory’s should be targeting as such:
(1) Sight : logo, product design, color(s), typeface (using the eyes)
(2) Sound : music, product sounds (using the ears)
(3) Taste : product taste, edible favors/gifts (using mouth and tongue)
(4) Smell : environmental aroma, product aroma (using the nose)
(5) Touch : product surface and shape, marketing materials, environment surfaces (using hands, feet, and skin)

The researcher (Lindström, M., 2009) asserts in Buyology book that the five sensory has effected their customers to realise and memorise the brand which leads to increase sale. So, marketers will use sensory marketing to grab attention of their customers.

For instant, Coca-Cola uses their theme song instead of beep sound while scanning barcode.

Tesco in South Korea used QR code to make more shopping experience. They changed waiting time to be shopping time. The result of this campaign was the number of new registered member rose by 76% and online sale increased 130%.

As can be seen that sensory marketing is able to apply to every channels of shopping, online and offline and to have a huge impact such as sale increasing, new members rising. Nowadays, many people concern that offline stores will be nearly daed. But in my opinion, I don’t think so because we can use sensory marketing to make more experience for customers which online stores cannot instead of.

Thus, it does not matter that you are in offline store or online store. Just try to apply it and wait for AMAZING results!!


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  • Do you have a DREAM to be owner business ?
  • Are you BORED an office-working now ?
  • Do you hate to be controlled by employer and you cannot use your CREATIVITY ?


Entrepreneur is an answer !

In this century, it is time for new generation who want to be an entrepreneur like you, right?

According to Williams (2015), he claims that there are continuously increasing of start-up businesses in the UK from 484,224 recorded in 2012 to 581,173 recorded in 2014.


Figure1: show the record of the UK start-up businesses
which register at Companies House in 2014

The first question for starter is “I don’t have a lot of money, how will I create a effective marketing campaign as big companies?”

I proud to present “GUERRILLA MARKETING

Conrad (2006) asserts that

Guerrilla Marketing is a form of marketing that uses creativity, effort, energy and time with a low (even no) marketing budget. The key objective of Guerrilla Marketing is to develop a relationship with potential clients, and consistently communicating with them.

Guerrilla Marketing is a chance to start a small business because it use a low cost and the key point of this method is to communicate with your customers and make them to be impressive with your creative work.

Let me show you of marvellous examples.

1. i’m lovin’ it crosswalk


2. WWF save the paper, save the planet


3. AXE -running


4. Have a break, Have a KitKat.


5. FedEx is always faster than DHL.


Do you have any creative IDEA ?

If not, watch more one video of example.

The happiness Coca-Cola seller machine.

What did you see ?


  • FUN


Yeah.. That is why Guerrilla Marketing has an effectiveness. Marketers can send the massages of their company, to PR new product, to communicate value preposition of company, to engage with their customers, etc. Then, customers received their messages, they felt have fun, attractiveness, realise and understand what messages mean, and have a engagement that lead to memorise the products or brands and buy it finally.

You are interested in this approach now, aren’t you?

So, next question is “How to create the successful guerrilla marketing campaign ?

  1. Remember that Guerrilla marketing is NOT traditional advertising.
    – Forget the old traditional media such as TV, Magazine. You have to spend a lot of money while it is not worth for investment, particularly it has not an engagement.
  2.  Think clearly what your message sending to your customer is.
    – If you don’t know what you want to say, you will not know what you want to do. Then, your customers will also not understand your campaign.
  3. Focus on building a customer relationship.
    – Do you remember the key role of guerrilla marketing ? It is to build a relationship with customers. Then they will think of your products and follow your brand. So, sending the message to their mind and heart.
  4. Think big and small, then DO IT.
    – Don’t limit your idea, think of it in many ways and do it to be reality. Every idea is useless if you don’t start to do it!

Last question is now you know the tool to help you success in your business, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?  MAKING YOUR DREAM IN REALITY NOW!


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Marketing Is All Around!

Hello guys!

This is awesome time of mine because this is first blog of my life. It is great sound to learn new thing. AWESOME TIME

Let’s me introduce myself. My name is Theerapong Sikharestrakul. Or you can call me ‘Jay’. I am from Thailand.

I am interested in

  • Travelling
  • Languages
  • Cooking
  • Culture and Tradition
  • Businesses

I just graduated the Bachelor degree in Business Administration, majoring in Entrepreneurial Management. After graduated, I did not apply the work immediately because I thought “GAP YEAR” is important, although it is different from Asian culture. I spent 1 year to travel many places such as

  • roaming in Guangzhou, China


  • clamming the mountain <Pha Song Ru Doo> in Chiangmai, Thailand


  • travelling in Laos


  • staying with localise in Bundung, Indonesia


and a lot of places.

When I went to places where I had never went there before. I learned many things which I cannot find it out from classroom, websites, or books. That is why I use the name of my blog is ‘roaming-learning’. When you go out of your COMFORT ZONE, you will learn some things, some is bad and some is good, you will meet new friends, new culture, and new experiences which you might expect to get it. BUT! that all will make you grow up and differentiate from others.

In my view, one year I got more more and more experiences which I think they all linked with the business knowledge field, especially MARKETING. So, my objective of my posting is to share the real case studies which I met from roaming, reading book, talking with people, particularly local, and then analyse with theory of marketing (or sometime I will show how the theory and reality is different, or give my suggestion or argument).


  • Why were there red T-shirt and yellow T-shirt in Thailand’s unrest, 2012? Does it involve with marketing?
  • Why are there a plenty of television programmes about sing contests in Thailand now?
  • Why can Korea entertainment industry such as drama series, songs jump into international market (not only Asia market) and grow dramatically in last decade?
  • Why is China interesting market in this century? Is it because of cheap labour? Is it because of big country? Or anythings else?
  • Why is a number of american starting to learn Chinese?
  • Why are many Asian students going to study aboard? Is it trend?
  • ETC.

In this blog, you will learn the marketing which not only involve with business, but also in your daily life. And you will know that “MARKETING IS ALL AROUND!”

So, please following my blog. And I hope 2 points from my blog

  1. Hope my posting will be useful for you to enjoy learning.
  2. Hope you will participate with me via sharing your idea, comment or arguing me if you think differently. I am pleasured to read all of your comment. Because I think we grew up from different environment, culture and countries. Nothing is right or wrong. Just sharing and learning together! This blog is FREE-AREA TO STUDY TOGETHER!

Finally, I would like to share my favourite quote from Gandhi.